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Ukraine. Illegally annexed Crimea and Donbas report. November 8-15, 2017

Ukraine. Illegally annexed Crimea and Donbas report.  November 8-15, 2017

1. Human rights abuses against Crimean Tatars under Russian annexation.

One Crimean Tatar activist has been jailed for a legal solitary picket last month, another fined and several subjected to armed searches and interrogation in a new offensive against the civic initiative Crimean Solidarity and all those trying to publicize rights abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea. The moves come a month after the arrest and imprisonment of six Crimean Tatars, including prominent civic activists, on charges of ‘involvement’ in the peaceful Hizb ut-Tahrir organization which is legal in Ukraine. 25 Crimean Muslims imprisoned on Hizb ut-Tahrir charges, most of whom are Crimean Tatar.

Despite an apparently clear commitment, Russia has done nothing to comply with the demands issued by the UN International Court of Justice back in April 2017. The Crimean Tatar Mejlis remains banned, and the situation with the Ukrainian language, especially in Crimean schools is, if anything, more catastrophic.

Due to the report of the Crimean Human Rights Group Russia is doing nothing to ease access to education, either in Ukrainian or in Crimean Tatar.

2. Actual situation in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The situation in the eastern part of Ukraine has remained restless. Russia-backed militants keep using Minsk-proscribed weapons.

Russia-backed militants shelled ATO troops’ positions using rocket and barrel artillery, various grenade launchers, anti-tank missile systems. During the November 14th, militants committed 33 ceasefire violations.

In mentioned time period militants were shelling Ukrainian troops’ positions in Maryinka, Shyrokyne, Avdiivka, Zaitseve, Maiorsk, Nevelske, Pisky, Opytne, Starohnativka, Shyrokyne, Talakivka, Kamianka and Triokhizbenka of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

As a result, three Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 22 were wounded.

For all shelling Ukrainian troops responded with fire from weapons allowed under Minsk agreements.

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